University of Southern Indiana

2004 Proceedings

Authors Title
Peter Cashel-Cordo
Dan Friesner
A Game Theoretic Model of Marital Infidelity and Divorce in the Presence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Implications for Social and Welfare Public Policy
Sortiris Karkalakos The New Operational Dynamics of Technological Diffusion: An Empirical Study of Innovation Performance
Chris Steven
Dan Friesner
A Comment on Mercy Hospital’s Online Bidding for RN Overtime Staffing
Denton Marks Some Difficulties in the Evolution of a Market for Higher Education
Sudesh Mujumdar
Timothy Schibik
Dan Friesner
Mohammed Khayum
Tuition Hikes and Student Performance
Georgine Fogel EU Enlargement: The Challenge of Integrating Accession Members
John Bowdidge To Understand Its Economy, We Must First Check Czech History
John S. Bowdidge Treasure Island? In 2003, Russia Discovered the Euro
Choon-Shan Lai
Anusuya Roy
Accuracy of Bayesian VAR in Forecasting the Economy of Indiana
Hedayeh Samavati
Carolyne Stumph
Do Poor Get Poorer? Women, Children, and America’s Jobless Recovery
Susanne Schmidt
Paul Gabriel
Livability Leisure versus Labor: What do Recent Labor Market Trends Tell us about the “Overworked” American?
Donna Neufelder
Janet Raisor
Mohammed Khayum
Dan Friesner
Identifying Latent Outcome Measures in Inpatient Physical Therapy
S. Eric Anderson
Stewart Albertson
David Shavlik
How the Motion Picture Industry Miscalculates Box Office Receipts
Tim Mahoney
Timothy Schibik
A New Advising Model Using a Non-Traditional Approach: Advising in a Changing Environment
Charley Harrington
Timothy Schibik
Service Learning in the Introductory Statistics Course: A Primer for Engagement
Abbas Foroughi
Nancy Kovanic
Brian McGuire
Greg Murphy
MBA Curricula in Indiana and the New Economy
Vandana Rao The Distribution of Skills in the Labor Force: Policy Implications for Human Capital Formation and Economic Development
Dan Friesner
Mohammed Khayum
Determinants of Business Sentiment
William Wilding
Mohammed Khayum
The Application of the Theory of Power Law Distributions to U.S. Wealth Accumulation

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