University of Southern Indiana

2005 Proceedings

Authors Title
Jason R. Davis Public Health Insurance Expansions for Parents and Enhancement Effects for Child Coverage 
Dan Friesner
Robert Rosenman
Chris Stevens
Do Hospitals Use Service Intensity to Finance Inefficiency?
Matt McPherson
John Vilasuso
The Spot-Forward Exchange Rate Relation and International Market Conditions
Dan Friesner
Sudesh Mujumdar
Peter Cashel-Cordo
Money Well Spent? An Empirical Examination of Government Expenditures for HIV/AIDS Treatment in South Africa
Sangwoo Heo
Choon-Shan Lai
Forecasting American Stock Option Prices
Mary Washington Individual Difference Variables Associated with Academic Success in a Microeconomics Internet Course
David A. Dilts
Hedayeh Samavati
Academic Freedom and Post-Tenure Review: Economic Motivation
Hedayeh Samavati
Carolyn Stumph
Establishing a Small Business: Pursuing the American Dream or Just Taking Excessive Risk?
Georgine Fogel Evaluation and Measurement of Marketing
Jong Rhim
Peter Cashel-Cordo
Mohammed Khayum
The Relationship between R&D Expenditures and Firm Performance
Dan Friesner
Robert Rosenman
Chris Stevens
A Property Rights Theory of the Firm Counter-Example Revisited
Tim Schibik The ANIS-BE (Advanced Neural Identified Social-Business Enterprise) Model in Strategic Corporate Governance Policies
Massimo Pollifroni The Utilization of Part-Time Faculty in Business Schools: Are They Different?
John Bowdidge An Economic Glance at Far Distant Bulgaria
Munir Quddus
Henri Bailey III
Larry White
Business Ethics – Perspectives from Christianity and Islam
Timothy Schibik
Charles Harrington
Scott Gordon
The Utilization of Course Management Systems in Business Schools: Some Recent Evidence
Juan Meraz
Margaret Swales
John Bowdidge
What’s All This Talk about Power from Windmills?
Choon-Shan Lai
Anusuya Roy
The Effects of Macroeconomic News Announcements on Mean Stock Returns
Mohammed Khayum
Joy Peluchette
William Wilding
How Patient are Entrepreneurs?

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