University of Southern Indiana

2007 Proceedings

Authors Title Pages
Nodir Adilov
Peter J. Alexander
Keith Brown
Economics of Story Choice in Broadcast Television 1-9
Mohammad Ashraf Proctored versus Un-proctored Testing: Does Cheating Really Help? 10-13
John S. Bowdidge
C. Edward Chang
A Quick Look at the Economy of Israel; A Quiet Topic the World's Mass Media Usually Skip 14-23
Veree Ethridge Preliminary examination of gasoline expenditures by gender 31-35
Hedayeh Samavati
David A. Dilts
Lawrence J. Haber
Farah Gosnell
My Old Indiana Home: A Study of Rising Foreclosure Rates 36-43
Hedayeh Samavati
David A. Dilts
Petroleum Prices and their Impact on Aggregate Economic Activity: Greasing the Skids? 44-52
Brian T. Kench
Robert L. Beekman
Wanda V. Chaves
Neil B. Niman
Moral Attributes in a Dictator Game 53-67
Johnnie B. Linn III Response of Economics Principles Students to a Change in High-Scorer Disincentives 68-78
Kevin Neuman The Effect of Job Characteristics and Retirement Duration on Retirement Satisfaction 79-90
Chandini Sankaran An Analysis of Inequality Measures and Common Datasets 91-114
Authors Title Pages
Timothy J. Schibik
Charles Harrington
College Student Eagerness and Persistence to the Second Year P1
Carolyn Fabian Stumph
Antanas Vanchev
The Status of the China syndrome P2
Carolyn Fabian Stumph
Chand Chauhan
The Law of One Price and Skilled Labor Outsourcing P3
C.K. Chauhan
Y.M. Zubovic
Strategies for obtaining the target value P4

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