University of Southern Indiana

2010 Proceedings

Authors Title Pages
Veree Ethridge Rising Cost of Health Care and Out of Pocket Expenditures 1-11
Georgine K. Fogel Business Environment in China: Economic, Political, and Cultural Factors  12-29
Cigdem Z. Gurgur
Emily K. Newes
CVAR-Constrained Multi-Period Power Portfolio Optimization 30-48
Ayako Huang The Role of New Institutional Economics in Licensing Contracts 49-72
Brian T. Kench
H. Scott Wallace
Kevin Neuman
2008-2009 Tuition and Fees in Higher Education 73-105
Vishakha Khanolkar
Simeen A. Khan
Maria Gamba
An Insight on Health Care Expenditure 106-118
Authors Title Pages
Hedayeh Samavati
Nodir Adilov
David A. Dilts
Savings Rates in the United States: Macroeconomic Predictors of Frugality P1
Maria V. Gamba
Douglas M. Asbury
Shiv K. Gupta
Impact of BRIC Economies on the United States P2
Masha Rahnama
Cindy Wan-Shin Mo
An Examination of Uncovered Real Interest Rate Parity in the Labor-intensive Manufacturing Industries in United States P3
Carolyn Fabian Stumph
Susan Minke
Myeong Hwan Kim
Richard T. Doermer
Economics students and Accounting students: a Scholarly Community? P4
Geralyn M. Miller
Carolyn Fabian Stumph
Richard T. Doermer
Removing the Emperor’s New Clothes: What Do We Really Know about Target-Date Funds?  P5
Tim Schibik
Dan Friesner
Does Current or Prior Work Experience Cause Professional School Faculty to Have Higher Job Satisfaction? P6-P8
Nichaya Suntornpithug
Pasu Suntornpithug
Comparing Consumers’ Attitudes toward China and its Product before and after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games P9
Sudesh Mujumdar
Curtis R. Price
Will S(he) Sabotage Me? Experimental Evidence on Sabotage in Team Production P10
Daria Sevastianova Modeling Conflict in the Empirical Macroeconomic Framework: a Sensitivity Analysis P11

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