University of Southern Indiana

2014 Proceedings

Authors Paper Title Pages
Brenda Kahn Merger Arbitrage Investment an Effective Strategy for High Rollers and Small Time Investors: Evidence from U.S. Cash Deal Mergers 15
Abhijith Shyandilya C.P. 
Dr. Shiv K. Gupta 
Kalyan Jangam Goud
Open Source Business Intelligence for Business economic development 5
Authors Paper Title Pages
Jane E. Baird 
Leslee Higgins 
Arundhati Rao
A Comparison of Job Attribute Preferences Across Business Majors 2
Timothy Schibik, Ph. D. Does the "Tiger Effect" Live On: A Test of Growth in Golf 1
Stefan Ruediger 
Hamid Mohtadi
Volatility and Transparency of Financial Markets in the MENA Region 1
Timothy Schibik, Ph. D.
Mohammed Khayum, Ph. D.
Optimizing Student Enrollment: An Empirical Examination 1
Hamid Tabesh 
Dawn Hukai
Qualitative Determinants of College GPA: A Survey Perspective 1
Michael Daley, Ph.D. 
Owen Grumbling, Ph.D. 
Richard B. Peterson, Ph.D.
Rescuing Economics from the Discipline 1
Robert W. Service 
James P. Reburn
Leadership for Innovation: Fundamentals of Human Influence 34
Timothy Schibik, Ph. D. 
Connell Jones
Student Performance in Introduction to Business: A Predictor of Future Business Major Success? 1

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