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Everything has a business side. Even agriculture.

Everything has a business side, and that includes industries connected with agriculture. Agriculture as an industry, or agribusiness, refers to all businesses engaged in the production, wholesale, and processing levels of the food supply chain. Agribusiness contributes over $1 trillion to the U.S. gross domestic product annually. All disciplines in business are involved at virtually every stage. Offering a series of agribusiness courses meets the needs of students who are either currently engaged in, or wish to be part of, the agribusiness sector of economies worldwide. These courses pair nicely with nearly all business majors as an upper level elective. 

Drones are the future of agriculture.

AGBU304X Business Technology with Advanced Agricultural Applications

This upper level business elective course is designed to provide students with hands-on skills to enter the agricultural business realm of drone technology. The skills developed within this course will enable students to understand Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) capabilities and how to model and simulate mission planning scenarios. Specific topics include photogrammetry, field mapping/route planning, weather patterns/airspace guidelines, flight simulations and statistical selection.

Ryan holding a drone

Course highlights include:

    • Understand how to fly a drone (in person, depending on Covid-19 restrictions, or via a flight simulator)
    • Prepare students to take the FAA Part 107 Examination
    • Teach students how the agricultural industry is leveraging advanced technology
    • Enable students to interpret sophisticated data sets
    • Learn how to perform complex modeling and simulation scenarios


Instructor: Ryan Loehrlein, MBA, B.S.M.E., B.S.E.

Ryan, who has an interest in farming and drones, is certainly a familiar face at USI. He is a member of the team that built and launched the UNITE CubeSat, the first orbiting satellite designed by students at an Indiana public university. It has just marked its second anniversary in orbit. At Startup Weekend Evansville 5.0, Ryan was a member of the first place team, Guardian Angel, that focused on law enforcement protection by sending drones into hostile situations.   

Expand your career to the business of farming.

AGBU303X Farm and Ranch Management

This upper level business elective course is designed for anyone who is, or wants to be, involved with agriculture in a business context.

A major key to profitability in any business is controlling costs and increasing income, and agriculture is no different. Learn the skills to be successfully involved in various aspects of agriculture including production, processing, marketing, legal issues and environmental considerations. You will study recordkeeping, use of commodity markets to lock in sale prices, financing, insurance, renting versus buying, immigration, contractual relations with others, OSHA and environmental issues, along with many other agricultural and business-related topics.

The course will feature guest speakers who are experts in agribusiness. Learn from their successes and, just as importantly, from where things went wrong and how they might do things differently.

Course highlights include:

    • Introduce the principles of farm organization, management and operations
    • Explore legal aspects of agriculture
    • Identify sound financial practices in agricultural management
    • Discover global issues related to agribusiness
    • Guest speakers who are experts in agribusiness - their successes and how they might do things differently


Girl in cornfield
Dr Nunn
Instructor: Dr. Les Nunn, Professor Emeritus of Business Law

Dr. Nunn is a legend at USI and the Romain College of Business. Whether teaching business law to college students, raising cattle, horses, sheep or goats, or managing Bar Nunn Ranch in Oklahoma, Nunn has an extensive background when it comes to agribusiness. Governor Joe Kernan, then Lieutenant Governor of Indiana, honored Les as one of the best 37 farmers in the State of Indiana. He has been honored for his work with the Navajo tribe. He is a Master Cattleman, honorary director of the 18,000 member Texas and Southwest Cattle Raisers Association, committee member for the Special Rangers law enforcement group - and the list goes on.

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