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Everything has a business side. Even agriculture.

Everything has a business side, and that includes industries connected with agriculture. Agriculture as an industry, or agribusiness, refers to all businesses engaged in the production, wholesale, and processing levels of the food supply chain. Agribusiness contributes over $1 trillion to the U.S. gross domestic product annually. All disciplines in business are involved at virtually every stage. Offering a series of agribusiness courses meets the needs of students who are either currently engaged in, or wish to be part of, the agribusiness sector of economies worldwide.

AGBU301 Agricultural Accounting and Finance
An agricultural accounting and finance course utilizing the Farm Financial Standards Council (FFSC) guidelines to prepare and interpret financial statements for the agricultural operation. Emphasis is placed on understanding the daily accounting and finance transactions used by agricultural producers. Topics discussed are cash basis accounting, financial statement preparation, finance and investment decisions, budgeting, and agricultural-based accounting software.

AGBU302 Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Economics introduces us to the private and public sectors related to agriculture in the United States economy. It identifies the broad resources used in agriculture and will introduce students to the economist’s lens of ‘knowing’ as it applies to resource use in agriculture. This lens is formed of the cost-benefit approach to individual decision making, which draws from diverse fields such as ethics, cognitive science and game theory, along with the interactions of these decisions through coordinating mechanisms, such as a market. Specific topics and concepts covered will include an introduction to agricultural economics and history of the discipline, the U.S. food and fiber industry, the role of government in the economy, consumer behavior, producer behavior, market equilibrium, and a brief introduction to macroeconomic policy goals and their impact on agriculture production and the broader U.S. food and fiber industry.

AGBU303 Farm and Ranch Management
Principles of farm organization, management, and operations. Management of human, financial and physical assets for the profitable operation of an agricultural business. Specific topics include strategic thinking, business planning, budgeting, financing, record keeping, use of commodity markets, marketing, law, animal rights issues, environmental issues, OSHA regulations, immigration laws, international markets, and global issues.

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