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Technology Commercialization Academy

Technology Commercialization Academy

USI students from engineering and business disciplines come together for the Romain College of Business Technology Commercialization Academy (TCA). The program was piloted in 2012.

Academy participants work full time to develop ideas and business strategies around commercialization of several Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) patents. 

Students in the Academy meet for two hours each day with faculty and spend another six hours each day working on their projects. Students utilize USI resources to develop a manufacturing plan and produce prototypes of selected technologies. They also complete preliminary market research and feasibility analyses. The Academy includes four teams of four students, each with two business and two engineering students.

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Academy Projects

2016 Academy

  • Exceed, an app tool that streamlines group communication
  • Marshalling Gloves, light up gloves that are an alternative to the handheld wands used to guide pilots who are landing aircraft in the dark
  • SPARA, an all-in-one household management app to conserve energy and save money by shifting household appliance usage to nonpeak hours

2015 Academy

  • LOCify, a mobile app that allows users to connect to the area around them
  • The Motor Development Arm, designed to benefit those with diminished motor control in the arm/hand
  • EZ Spooler, a hands-free device to easily re-spool fishing line
  • Volver Reel System, to spool and unspool fiber optic cable with minimal tension on the cable
  • Hose Helper, a uniquely designed tool to easily tighten and loosen hose connections at the spigot without stripping the connectors 

2014 Academy

  • IntelliTarget, a target that sends real-time feedback to the shooter's smart phone, tablet, or laptop
  • Clever Cubes, a power strip that eliminates wires and cables from becoming tangled

2013 Academy

  • an eband for theme park guests to load money, track family members, and check wait times for rides
  • a real-time inventory tracking system in stores
  • an instant coupons push to smartphones based on a shopper’s location within a store
  • a security system that identifies cell phone signal patterns indicative of emergency or disaster situations

2012 Academy

  • A pressurization mat using "Smart Skin" technology that measures pressure on body contact points. This has the potential to dramatically reduce bedsores for hospital patients. 
  • A web based application that extends "Stim" inventory management software to address existing challenges with student centered course scheduling and advising in university settings. 
  • Smart Target, also utilizing "Smart Skin" technology, which shows from a distance where a target has been hit with a bullet. This has the potential to be utilized by hunters and law enforcement agencies.

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