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The first step of becoming a USI student is to setup your USI network ID and email. If you have trouble accessing your myUSI account, please contact the IT Help Desk  by phone 812-465-1080 or .

Step 1: Submit required documentation
Submit all required documentation one month prior to the start of each term. For a full list of required documents, please visit

Be advised that concentrations are not automatic with the courses you take. If you begin the program with the General concentration, that is what you will complete the program with unless you declare a specific concentration. To declare a concentration after admissions, please complete this online form: You should be able to get all necessary terms and other data from Degree Works. (See step 6 below on how to use Degree Works)

Step 2: Activate your myUSI account
Once you are accepted to USI, you should receive notification via email and/or postal mail. You may then activate your account in MyUSI with your student account information provided in your notification. MyUSI is a web portal providing access to many USI services with one login. It allows students to access their grades,  transcripts, email, Blackboard, view/pay bills, change their address, and much more.

Step 3: Read frequently asked questions
Read frequently asked questions here.

Step 4: Access your USI Eagles Email
Each EaglesUSI student is given an Eagles email address. This is the email address that USI will use exclusively to communicate with you, and you will use it to communicate with professors and classmates. Access your Eagles email account by logging in to myUSI and clicking on the Eagles email icon. For more information about USI's email system please visit

Step 5: Foundational Knowledge
Students should review the instructional modules and quizzes to ensure they are comfortable with the foundational knowledge before registering for MBA courses.
Accounting Module    Accounting Quiz
Finance Module          Finance Quiz

Students who are not confident in either of these areas should do one of the following: 1) take that class by itself to focus your full attention on it, 2) enroll in the on-campus section which lasts sixteen weeks rather than eight, 3) email to identify undergraduate courses which can be taken in preparation for the graduate course(s). 

Step 6: Registration and Course Schedule 
SelfserviceStudents in the "Online Only" program format are automatically enrolled in one course upon acceptance to the program, then must enroll in all subsequent courses. Students in the "In-Class & Online" format need to self enroll in all courses. Students may register for up to 12 credit hours per semester (6 credit hours per term).

For accelerated (8 week) courses, students can expect to devote 15-20 hours per week per course.

You can check your course schedule or add/drop a course in myUSI. Click on the "Self-Service" icon, then click on the "Student" link, and click on "Registration." You can check your registration status, class schedule, and add or drop classes.

We recommend prioritizing concentration courses as most are offered less frequently than core MBA courses. Core MBA courses do not need to be taken before concentration courses. You must declare a concentration in order for that information to appear on your transcript. If you do not declare a concentration you will be general MBA status.

Books and Materials: You can find the required books through the Campus Store. Other downloadable materials may be available on the course BlackBoard.

Note: Registration for MBA classes closes the Wednesday before the class starts. If a class is closed (no seats available), please contact

Planning Your Degree Program Instructions
How to use the Schedule Planner
Step by step instructions for course registration using the Add or Drop Classes option
Tutorials for using DegreeWorks
Available Courses for Registration
Tentative Long Term schedule

Step 7: Access your course
BbAccess all course materials and activities in "Blackboard Learn", a course management system used by USI faculty and students. You can enter the system by clicking on the Blackboard icon in myUSI. To get started, visit the Blackboard student tutorial or help site.

Step 8: Be mindful of important dates
CDD-event -calendarIt is important that you are aware of the dates for the academic events and record them on your personal calendar. For example, MBA students must pass the program assessments at the end of their MBA program to graduate. Below is a link to help you: 

USI's Academic Calendar

Step 9: Preparing for Online Learning
Please review the online learning resources to prepare for your coursework.

Step 10: Graduation

  • All students will take an end of program assessment. Assessment results are used for the AACSB accrediting process for the USI MBA. Faculty members may also use the results to make curriculum changes. Adequate performance on these assessments is required for successful completion of your MBA degree, but does not impact your GPA.
  • The MBA office will process graduation checkouts automatically. You can verify this has been done by emailing
  • To make sure your name appears appropriately on your diploma, please complete this form.
  • To request to have your diploma mailed, please follow these instructions
  • To sign up for the commencement ceremony, please complete this form. Students who finish in Spring or any Summer term will walk in the Spring ceremony. Students who finish in Fall will walk in the Fall ceremony.

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