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Mark Royer

Dr. Mark C. Royer, MD

Mark Royer, MD is an Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon in Columbus, IN who decided to pursue an MBA due to the increasing intersection between business and medicine he observed in his first few years out of residency. He says “My hope was that an MD/MBA would help bridge the gap between providing outstanding clinical care and solid business management. Additionally, I’ve always had a bit of an independent streak (shocking for a surgeon, right?) and had dreams of running a business that I controlled (even if it was a small side gig).  However, I was well aware that my business ignorance was profound."

After researching both online and on-campus MBA program options, Mark says "I ultimately decided on USI because of its accreditation, lack of required pre-requisites, competitive cost, and knowledge that USI is a solid institution (several extended family members, including my sister in law who is an NP, obtained their degrees from USI). I was concerned that the lack of in school component would result in minimal networking opportunities. However, I have found quite the opposite to be true. I have been able to network with students and faculty throughout the country who have helped with various endeavors and questions."

Dr. Royer says, "My experience throughout the curriculum has been exceptional. Professors are readily accessible and the teaching assistants have been knowledgeable and helpful.  The curriculum has been rigorous enough to allow me to accumulate the knowledge base that I felt I was lacking, but appropriately structured so as to be very doable working fulltime and taking one course per session. The reading selections and requirements to learn various systems in MNGT 611 forced me to stretch well beyond my comfort zone in clinical medicine and I was much better for it. The lectures were extremely insightful and were a prime example of the quality of education that can be delivered in an online format.  Business law was also outstanding and condensed into 8 weeks a huge and intimidating topic. It also provided many practical recommendations which I immediately implemented. Thanks to my enrollment in the USI MBA program I have gained the confidence to start an independent sub-specialty practice and have found a new love for my career and excitement for my professional future. I am so impressed by the quality and value offered in the online MBA program at USI."

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