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Dear Colleagues, Students, Alumni and Friends of the Romain College of Business,

Dean CareyThroughout the Business and Engineering Center you can feel the pressure of the pandemic lifting and the anticipation of a return to a more familiar normal. We are looking forward to filling the offices, hallways, classrooms and study spaces in the way Romain College of Business students and faculty are so well known for doing. We wish our new graduates well as they move on to attractive and productive careers, and we thank them for trusting their academic experience to us.

The Romain College of Business continues to make an impact despite the pandemic’s ongoing restrictions and obstacles. Through this spring’s newsletter, we provide examples of how we have adapted and persevered through conditions that could not have been foreseen when I came to USI less than two years ago. Read along as we learn how a lucky group of taxpayers received free tax filing assistance from accounting students and how our students have shown adaptability and resilience to participate in competitions. Meet some of our superstar students and faculty. While the content lessons in the classroom may resemble normal times, valuable experience with new delivery methods, new communication techniques and inconvenient obstacles may be here to stay in the future of work.

They say if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. Graduates and students in the Romain College of Business learn that everything has a business side, even such things as video games and farming. Two of our recent graduates put their knowledge to work in the creation of a successful video game content company. The data is being used by top NBA teams for team strategy and play analysis. Read how faculty and courses at USI impacted their careers as budding entrepreneurs. And this summer we kick off our highly anticipated new agricultural business program with an innovative new course that introduces students to drone technology. Students will explore how drones can be used in agriculture to track weather patterns, photogrammetry and field mapping. They will have the opportunity to fly our very own Romain College of Business drone. Completion of the course prepares students to take a portion of the FAA’s pilot license exam for drones.

Looking toward our future in the College, our accrediting agency, AACSB International, now emphasizes thought leadership through its new standards on which they will base our reaccreditation. Fortunately, our faculty are already on that. Thought leadership is the explicit connection between an intellectual contribution and the impact that activity has on society. Witness one faculty member’s work with the nation’s blood supply chain. She not only contributes to the literature on the matter, but she also uses her expertise to inform those who make policy.

You can help our College rise to the next level. If you are an alum or friend of the College and have been involved with our students in some way, please continue to stay engaged with faculty and students. If you have not been involved, but would like to be, , and we can discuss ways that you can still present to classes, mentor students and/or contribute financially to advance the excellent work of the College in a way that impacts the lives of faculty, staff, students and the community for which we serve. Your support changes lives.

Best wishes for a safe and healthy summer!

Dr. Cathy Carey, Dean

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