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As iron sharpens iron

Students at Romain College of Business have an added advantage as they prepare to enter the world of business. Namely, they can take part in USI’s career mentor program. It matches them with a working professional—someone who takes a personal interest to help them get a good start on a career.

“As an undergraduate, I participated in the program and was matched with great mentors that helped me develop as a professional,” says Jordan Whitledge, investment officer, Old National Wealth Management. “I knew I had to invest in the next generation of leaders, which is why I became involved in the program again, this time as a mentor.”

Whitledge’s influence made a tremendous difference for his mentee, Neal Northcott, who graduated in December with a degree in finance. The two met once a month over coffee to talk about Northcott’s aspirations and how to achieve them.

“Being in Jordan’s presence gave me the direction and motivation for a lifestyle change for personal growth,” says Northcott. “With his feedback and tips from our mock interviews, I was able to land a great internship after just the first interview. This also carried over after graduation as I had a full-time job offer after my very first interview.”

“Our mentorship program is officially over, but Northcott and I developed a great relationship and still work together,” says Whitledge. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

Sharpen a student—sharpen yourself.

MentorshipAlexa Bueltel ’16, management and human resources, had the opportunity to be mentored by Janet Heldt Baas ’85, senior vice president and Old National Bank Foundation president.

To know more about opportunities to mentor students, send email to Janet Johnson, director, Alumni Relations and Volunteer USI.


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