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KennedyThe Romain College of Business is my home away from home. I may be biased in saying its physical building is the most attractive on campus. However, I have also come to realize it’s what takes place on the inside that truly makes the Romain College of Business special.

The students, professors, and staff bring education to life and create limitless opportunities and experiences. From the dedicated students who I have the pleasure of collaborating with daily, to the passionate professors who devote themselves to ensuring I am prepared for my dream career, the Romain College of Business understands the difference in an exceptional education. I feel so fortunate to learn in an environment that pushes me every day to expand my knowledge, realizes my goals, and truly cares about me.

The past year has certainly been a very difficult one. These challenges have brought great hardship for students. The cost of higher education presents financial obstacles to me and many of my peers, and to some degree the last year has only created additional barriers. Helping to reduce costs associated with attaining a degree means students can remain enrolled in their studies and graduate on time.

The University and Romain College of Business have not skipped a beat in their support of students. And, you haven’t either. One thing that has remained constant during this ever-changing time is the welcoming community and human connections found at USI. Your generosity, and that of many alumni and friends, has assisted USI students, including myself, to continue in our educational pursuits. I invite you to further invest in students so we can excel academically as we look ahead to making our mark in the workforce that awaits.

On behalf of the Romain College of Business student body, thank you for your dedication and commitment to our success!

Best regards,

Kennedy Williams '23

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