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ParkerIt goes without saying the University of Southern Indiana’s Romain College of Business is one of the most respected institutions around. The College offers high-quality academic programs and has been a major platform for my own personal growth. Dedicated instructors also serve as mentors, encouraging every student to persevere in their goals. The Romain College of Business has allowed my knowledge and technical skills to grow while also enhancing my professional development. Now, these qualities—along with the help of faculty—are propelling me to my desired career path. It is my wish every USI student, current and future, will have the same opportunities and experiences.

Among other things, COVID-19 continually presents challenges in the higher education landscape. However, the resources of the Romain College of Business and its faculty have made transitions to alternative learning much more feasible. Even though many adaptions have been implemented, time spent at college is still an integral phase of life for students. Those at USI understand this, and our resiliency during these tough times speaks volumes. Mentorship, the sharing of expertise, and preparing students to change our world have yet to stop and your generosity makes this ongoing effort possible.

Further, giving to the Romain College of Business often assists students in an even more direct way. As the cost of attending a university increases and students take on more debt, your contribution provides direct relief. Reducing or even outright eliminating the financial burden of a college education allows us to focus on what is most important—our studies and contributing to the community. Providing access to scholarships, extracurricular organizations, leadership programs and resources for research is what enriches a USI business education experience.

Your gift will make a tremendous difference; in fact, it has allowed me to attend USI in pursuit of my dreams. I invite you to continue investing in business students as it grants us the tools we need to reach our goals. Thank you for being a supporter and believing in student success at USI.   

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Parker Collignon 22  

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