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McGuireDear Colleagues, Students, Alumni and Friends of the Romain College of Business,

It has been said that change is all around us. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus stated, “The only constant in life is change.” Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying, “When you are finished changing, you are finished.” We certainly see change around us as we move from autumn to winter. The weather is turning colder and the leaves on the tress have fallen to the ground.

We have recently experienced many instances of change within the Romain College of Business. For example, we recently hired new faculty members in several of our business disciplines, we offered two new courses (one in the Summer 2021 Semester and one in the Fall 2021 Semester) in the “Agribusiness” concentration of our Business Administration major, and we have new members on each of our four RCOB Advisory Boards (i.e., the Board of Advisors, the Accounting Circle, the IT Alliance and the RCOB Student Advisory Board).

There is one change I especially want to highlight. After several years in administration at Western Kentucky University and the University of Southern Indiana, Dr. Cathy Carey decided to return to the faculty as a Professor of Economics in November. During her 28 months as Dean, Dr. Carey led the RCOB through many challenges, the most obvious being the COVID-19 pandemic that had a great impact on the USI campus. In addition, Dr. Carey enhanced the visibility and reputation of the Romain College, and she maintained strong interest in assuring quality outcomes for our students. I thank Dr. Carey for her dedication and service as dean, and we wish her well as she begins her new role as a full-time RCOB faculty member.

Finally, as another calendar year ends, we stop and reflect on the things we are most thankful for. The RCOB has excellent faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends. We sincerely thank you for your involvement and your support of our college. I assume 2022 will bring more changes to the RCOB, but with your continued involvement and support, I believe the upcoming year will be another great year for our college.

I send you my best wishes for the holidays, and for health and happiness throughout the coming year!

Brian L. McGuire
Interim Dean
Romain College of Business

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