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Why USI. Why Romain College of Business.

Hear from the students themselves why they chose USI and a degree in business at Romain College.


Sally '22
Accounting and Finance major

Why USI?
"Small class sizes and the convenient location were key reasons that attracted me to USI. Specifically, I love the small classes because the professors know and interact with each student. Each student is treated as more than just a number; the USI campus community cares both personally and professionally for each other.”

Why Accounting?
“I chose Accounting because of the vast career opportunities it provides. I wanted a flexible degree that could be used in several fields.”



Kristin '22
Accounting major

Why USI?
“I chose USI because of the close-knit campus atmosphere; even on my first visit I could tell how much USI truly cares for its students. The one-on-one educational experience paired with the close relationships I've built with faculty and professors over the semesters are exactly what I was searching for in a university!”

Why Accounting?
“I chose to major in Accounting to help me gain an advanced understanding of one of the foundational elements of business. Accounting is a role that will likely always be in demand, and a degree in this field will open the door to numerous career opportunities in my future!”




Hairo '22
International Business Administration major

Why USI? 
“When coming to tour USI it was truly an amazing experience. I felt valued and cared for immediately stepping on to campus. They even provided my parents with a Spanish interpreter and truly made it home for my entire family."

Why Business Administration
“Business Administration is a world of endless opportunities. The Business Administration major has so many paths that you can truly adapt to what you’re passionate about.”



Ryota '21
CIS major

Why USI?
“When I met the USI recruiter during a college fair at my previous college in Seattle, I had no idea about USI and the midwest. However, she was the only person who spoke about the University very passionately. It was such a big decision coming from there, but I thought there would be something that I could find that I love to do like she did.”

Why Computer Information Systems?
“I initially transferred to USI as an environmental science major, but when I looked into my future, I wanted to obtain skills that I could utilize directly to my future careers, like business communication and computer skills. I decided to major in CIS because it consists of two aspects you can learn from, business and computer-related aspects.”



Owen '23
CIS major

Why USI?
“I decided to go to USI because I found out that they had a great CIS program, and it was closer to home so i would not have to move.”

Why Computer Information Systems?
“I had a class during my junior and senior year of high school where they told me different types of jobs I could get with networking or CIS. This is where I got the idea of getting a job that I could track cybercrimes.”


Kaylee CS major

Kaylee '21
Computer Science major

Why USI?
"I decided to attend the University of Southern Indiana because I love the small class size. Unlike larger universities, my professors can focus on helping every student succeed.”

Why Computer Science?
I chose Computer Science as a major because I love using programming to create new and interesting projects. Computer Science gives me the tools to creatively problem solve in my day to day life."



Hunter '20
Economics major

Why USI?
“I chose USI because of the opportunities it has to offer, the beautiful campus and the affordability of an accredited and quality education.”

Why Economics?
“When first considering a change of major, I spoke with a friend who was (at that time) a soon-to-be-graduating economics student. Then, after giving the introductory classes a try, I fell madly in love with economics-it includes all of my favorite subjects such as mathematics, psychology, sociology, statistics and finance. Plus, I quickly learned how helpful, knowledgeable and diverse the faculty is which made it that much more appealing.”



Anna '21
Finance major

Why USI?
“I chose USI because of its dedication to keeping class sizes small and to offering a one-on-one type of education between the students and the professors. This experience has been extremely valuable to me in my educational career.”

Why Finance?
“I chose to major in Finance because finance is an important part of every career and many areas of life in general. Learning how to better understand and correctly handle financial data, I believe, will equip me well for any future job that I may have and will allow me the opportunity to help others manage their own finances, which is ultimately what I would love to do!”



Dana '20
Management major

Why USI?
“I decided to go to USI because of its generous support for transfer students, flexible schedules and beautiful campus.”

Why Business Management?
“I was originally a Business Administration major, but realized early that a more specific major would lead me to classes that were most directly relevant to my chosen career as a technical leader. I settled on a major in Management, with a minor in Entrepreneurship and a Human Resources certificate.” 



Courtney '22
Marketing major

Why USI?
I was influenced by the faculty of USI because of the 1:1 ratio between the students and professors. They genuinely care about the education each student receives and their passion radiates through the teaching of each class.”

Why Marketing?
“I chose marketing because it is like science, it is always evolving and impacting our daily decisions. The marketing program at USI prepares you professionally through the professors and resources such as the Marketing Club. The marketing club is a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) which enables students to compete in case competitions, earn professional certifications in various areas, and have access to exclusive industry content and resources from the AMA.



Mara '22
Marketing and Accounting major

Why USI?
“I fell in love with USI's beautiful campus, which is why I attended USI. However, it is the professors trying to help me in any way they can and showing that they care about their students keeping me here.”

Why Marketing?
“I chose marketing because I want to make a positive impact on the world. This subject has helped expand my knowledge of how to communicate with consumers and fulfill their needs. In addition, with marketing I can work in a variety of fields and always have something new to learn.”

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