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Why USI. Why Romain College of Business.

Hear from the students themselves why they chose USI and a degree in business at Romain College.

Thomas-Accounting major

Thomas Busche '21
Accounting major

Why USI?
“I chose USI because the campus has a great atmosphere and it is incredibly affordable. Nothing beats USI’s campus atmosphere!”

Why Accounting?
“I never came into college considering accounting, but the faculty in the RCoB helped me understand the value of an accounting degree. It is sort of the “gold standard of business degrees”. With accounting, you can go anywhere and do anything.”


Brice-Business Administration major

Brice Miller '20
Business Administration major

Why USI? 
“When I toured USI, I immediately fell in love with the campus and the atmosphere, and specifically with the Business and Engineering building. I also knew I would benefit from the education I would receive at USI.”

Why Business Administration
“I have always enjoyed working in groups and learning about different communication styles. That is why I chose my major, Business Administration with a concentration in International Business.”


Jesse CIS major

Jesse Reising '19
CIS and Accounting major

Why USI?
“I chose USI because the school and staff made me immediately feel at home.”

Why Computer Information Systems?
“I chose CIS because I love using technology to make business more efficient. In today’s world, the businesses that are the most technologically adept have a huge advantage over those that don’t.”


Jake computer science major

Jake Steele '19
Computer Science major

Why USI?
“I chose USI because of its close-knit community attributes paired with its large-campus amenities.”

Why Computer Science?
“I chose this major because I have a passion for computers, and USI’s computer science program is a helpful springboard for a strong foundation in computer science.”


Katelyn economics major

Katelyn Knoll '19
Economics major

Why USI?
“The student to faculty ratio. Being a name and not a number is super important to my education. I love knowing that I can go to any of my professors at any time and they know exactly who I am as a person and a student.”

Why Economics?
“It’s a science that’s always developing, and a field that’s overwhelmingly male dominated. I want to change that.”


Matt finance major

Matt Kreutzer '19
Finance major

Why USI?
“I chose USI because everyone I intereacted with during my visit was so nice. Oh, and the tulips were beautiful.”

Why Finance?
“I chose finance because I’ve always enjoyed financial analysis and budgeting. Earning a bachelor’s degree in finance has been a phenomenal experience!”


Bradley management major

Bradley Flittner '19
Management major

Why USI?
“I chose USI because of the wonderful campus community. There’s nothing like it.”

Why Business Management?
“I chose business because of the outstanding faculty in the college.” 


Calli marketing major

Calli Fritcher ’20
Marketing major

Why USI?
“I fell in love with the beautiful campus, and it was important I found somewhere my twin sister and I both loved.”

Why Marketing?
“I started out as business administration, but quickly discovered my love for marketing through my classes and professors.”

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