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Winter 2020

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Ship-Shaping the Future

It won’t be long until summer comes calling. Will it beckon you to kneel in the garden? Pick up a paint brush? Visit distant places? For a half-dozen faculty members at Romain College of Business, summer will give them time to press the bounds of knowledge.


Economics clubTrailblazing Women

At the mention of “economist,” what image comes to mind? Someone in trousers, perhaps? It’s high time to abandon such stereotypes. Increasingly, women are making a mark in the gender-lopsided field of economics. And Romain College of Business is helping to blaze that trail.


Dag and WilliamTrading Spaces

Did you ever wonder how university life in Germany and the U.S. might compare? Dag Grothe, University of Osnabrück, and William Elfreich, USI, recently completed courses at each other’s school, thousands of miles from home. What they think about their experiences may surprise you.

Inside These Halls. Inside Our Hearts.

No individuals are more crucial to the mission of Romain College of Business than professors. When one of them reaches the end of their teaching career, it gives our academic community pause. What did their time at the College mean to them? What retrospection might they share?


What's in it for you?

Perhaps you’ve wondered: What might an MBA mean to my career? Will it help me achieve my goals? Can I balance it with all the other demands on my time, such as work and family? Here’s what one recent graduate thinks.


Spotlight: Bill Theby

Bill Theby, CEO, Lensing Building Specialties, brings common sense and savvy gained from decades of sales and management experience.  A career in his family’s business has shaped a leadership style that values every individual in the organization and is mindful of their perspectives. 

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