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UNIV Class Engagement

UNIV 101 First Year Experience classes are an introduction to USI and the undergraduate experience with a focus on academic success, campus involvement and community engagement. Students discuss issues of value and behavior in the college setting, discover what resources are available to them, and learn what it means to integrate themselves into the campus and surrounding communities. UNIV 101 is a course that bridges the transition between high school and the responsibilities and rewards of college.

Faculty instructors engage students in various activities in the classroom and across campus. Guest speakers bring community engagement to the classroom by providing insight into various career paths and opportunities. USI alums who speak to students find this a rewarding experience and an opportunity to give back to the University.

Icebreakers in UNIV101 class at Romain Colege

Instructor Mr. Caylin Blockley engaged his UNIV 101 students with some Icebreaker Bingo and other activities.

Mr. Jacob Smith, USI Romain College alum and guest speaker

USI alum Mr. Jacob Smith from Berry Plastics was guest speaker in Ms. Jeanette Maier-Lytle's classes. Smith is Sales and Operations Manager for the Health, Hygiene & Specialties Division.

USI Romain College alum Jeff Bone was guest speaker

USI alum Mr. Jeff Bone, Corporate Relationship Manager at Old National, spoke to Dr. Brett Bueltel's UNIV 101 class.

USI Romain College alum Matthew Mitchell was a guest speaker

USI alum Mr. Matthew Mitchell spoke to Dr. Brett Bueltel's UNIV 101 class. Mitchell is an auditor supervisor at Harding Shymanski & Co.

Smith, Mitchell and Bone talked to UNIV 101 students about college experiences and gave career advice.

Business students get a headstart analyzing businss case studies

USI graduates Adam Franke, global technology engineer at AstraZeneca, and Courtney Mickel, community engagement director for Community One. The former case team members taught Jeanette Maier-Lytle's UNIV 101 students about analyzing a business case study, giving them a foundation upon which to build in their other business courses.

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