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2021 Beta Gamma Sigma Member Testimonials

Beta Gamma Sigma is the honor society of AACSB accredited schools. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a business program accredited by AACSB International. Some of the members inducted into USI's chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma in 2021 talk about what this recognition means to them.

"This is a huge honor for me!  At the age of 44, and completing my Master's Degree, I was already feeling very accomplished with my 4.0 GPA.  Now being invited to join Beta Gamma Sigma is just icing on the cake.  Being able to join Beta Gamma Sigma, gives me that final sense of accomplishment that you can do anything you set your mind and heart to do.  This will also provide a great network of strength as I am working in the future.  Thank you so much for the recognition!"
- Kimberly M'21


"I am honored to join Beta Gamma Sigma. In addition to other benefits, I am very excited for the extra distinction my membership will provide me when applying to law schools my senior year." - David '22, Accounting


"Growing up in Nigeria, I never would have taught that I'll attend one of the nations' top business schools let alone be inducted to a prestigious international honor society with the highest standards of academic excellence. This achievement is for my family who never hesitated to remind me of the bloodline I come from, for my close friends and support system who keep me grounded and motivated, and for my young nieces and nephew and other black/African immigrant youth chasing a dream!" - Tochukwu, M'21


"As a social worker, it was intimidating to review the coursework required for the MBA program. My hesitation quickly turned into motivation to succeed. I am honored to join Beta Gamma Sigma and develop a lifetime connection with others who strive to elevate the profession. It is never too late to chase a dream!" - BriAnn M'21


At 43 years old, I never imagined I'd return to school-yet here I am, graduating, and a member of Beta Gamma Sigma. Thank you USI for a wonderful virtual experience; as I reflect on the last 20 months, I've had top-tier professors, engaged classmates, and an MBA that I am proud of and has positioned me well for future opportunities. Cheers to my fellow graduates!" - Kimberly M'21


"We did it!  That is what this recognition means to me.  A college student does not complete their degree on their own.  Yes, they do all the academic work, but there is so much more to be considered along the way.  Each student has some kind of support system that helps him or her finish the journey.  This is especially true for adult students that work full-time and even more so when they are also a parent.  Being awarded this honor means that not only did “we” finish, but also that “we” finished well.  “We” held strong and worked hard all the way to the end.  I will be forever thankful to those in my support system.  It is only with their support that I was able to finish my journey and achieve this academic honor." - Cynthia '19 M'21


"I started my career at USI earning an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing and became a Registered Nurse. I later returned to USI to earn my Bachelor of Science in Health Services to grow in my career, which I did. Having reached the end of my MBA with Data Analytics focus and being invited into this prestigious International Business Honor Society to me means, you are never too old to learn and grow. Thank you for this recognition." - Christina M'21


"I am very honored to be selected to join Beta Gamma Sigma at USI. I am confident that this achievement will help me when getting a job in my dream career. I know being part of Beta Gamma Sigma will also help me to connect and network with other individuals who have a passion for business. I am appreciative to be eligible for this honor society amongst other highly performing businesses individuals across the world." - Kennedy '23, CIS and Management

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