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2022 Beta Gamma Sigma Testimonials

BGS logoBeta Gamma Sigma is the honor society of AACSB accredited schools. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a business program accredited by AACSB International. There are more than 900 members in USI's chapter since its charter in 1998.

Some of the members inducted into USI's chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma in 2022 talk about what this recognition means to them.


"As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and now a Director of Rehabilitation for two prestigious hospitals in Northwest Indiana, I feel that this achievement will provide me with an edge among my peers within the organization. Not having had any prior education in business management, I was initially hesitant and felt intimidated to join the program. However, the curriculum of USI was excellently drafted and well executed that provided me with a wonderful experience and motivated me to succeed and enable me to achieve such highest recognition. I am very happy and proud to have taken this decision and I feel honored to have joined the Beta Gamma Sigma." - Ahmed M'22

Barbara-headshot"After a 30+ year career in IT, I retired in 2020. Also in 2020, I began my pursuit of my MBA. It was something that I had always wanted to do for myself although I am somewhat of a non-traditional student having obtained my Bachelor's Degree in 1988. However, I found USI to be welcoming and encouraging; surrounded by excellent professors, coaches, and academic advisors, I flourished in my MBA classes. Inclusion in Beta Gamma Sigma is a testament to my success but also to the quality of USI's MBA program. Thank you for this honor in recognizing my achievements here with USI!" - Barbara M'22

Taryn headshot"I am beyond honored to have been invited and to join Beta Gamma Sigma. This, to date, has been one of my proudest moments. This achievement set my hard work and efforts into reality. I have loved my experience here at USI. I have learned so much from the courses that help me in my professional life, daily. I look forward to the connections and networking opportunities that will be possible with this membership." - Taryn M'22

Hope-headshot"As a first generation college graduate, I never imagined completing a master's degree much less receiving such an honor as a membership with Beta Gamma Sigma. I am grateful for my family and my job for the support and flexibility needed to not only complete this graduate program, but to complete this program with a 4.0." - Hope M'22

Seema-headshot"I am so excited for this opportunity to be part of this great membership. When I think of my past self, going back to school to complete my MBA was not something I saw myself doing in my early fifties. I am to the point of graduating and successfully receiving my master's degree, excelling in the courses I took. I feel honored to receive this invitation to join Beta Gamma Sigma and am proud of myself for accomplishing my goals. Being invited to join this honor society validates that I can excel at anything I set my mind to do." - Seema M'22

 Nick-headshot"My postgraduate education is a commitment to career growth, and my success can be attributed not only to my hard work but also to the support of my friends and family throughout my program. Invitation to be a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society reinforces that commitment to academic achievement and gives me confidence that my hard work will be universally recognized as I move forward in my career." - Nick M'22

2022 Initiates into the USI Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society:


Audrey Barclay
Anne Clark
Shelby Clark
Delia Irwin
Dawson McBride
Kaitlyn Nickoli
Caiden Persohn


Ana Aguinada-Arellano
Grant DiDomizio
Noah Hancock


Jeffrey Aucoin
Jaima Ballentine
Ahmad Behrouzi
Landon Blume
Kristen Bourland
Shawn Brod
Jessica Calvert
Rovoyin Carson
Jing Peng Chen
Liisa Cira
Barbara Conlin
Tierra Crumble
Lana Djenic
Sean Downs
Jessica Edwards
Erika Fank
Leny Gapasin
Amy Gates
Ty Habegger
Rebekah Hefty
Angela Heller
Taryn Henson
Venkatesh Innanji
Grant Johanningsmeier
Kelly Lehmkuhler
Jason Leitze
Amanda Lindley
Hope Lochen
Tracy Myers
Casey Nagle
Kyle Nicole
LeeAnn Norris
Adam Nowicki
Lisa O'Brien
Zeze Onivogui
Seema Patel
John Phillips Jr.
Shu Ying Poon
Michelle Pyka
Zachariah Rickard
Glenn Riggs
Julie Rothermich
John Rupp
Aman Saini
Joshua Seitzinger
Marc-Anthony Senat
Jonathan Sicherman
Tyler Smith
Kindra Strupp
Michelle Sy
Tyler Sykes
George Taulia
Devy Tomas
Heather Vaught
Nicholas Vogt
Andrea Young

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