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Online learning tips

Who better to get tips for online learning success than from your fellow Screagles.

Here are a few helpful ideas for making the most of your online classes experience at USI:

laptop"My best advice that I have been told and plan to use for myself is to make a general schedule for each day of when to wake up, do homework, take breaks, and work on other areas of life (home workouts, spending time with family, doing chores, etc.) Also, to wake up of a morning and get dressed/ready as if you're going to class or have something planned for the day, and to work in an environment for a few hours that will allow stuff to get done." 
Alleigh - junior

"Since transitioning to full-time online classes, I have found it easiest to keep of track of assignments by utilizing a planner to map out which days to complete work for each class. As far as time management, I typically work on each class during that class's typical meeting time, since I would usually be in class at that time anyway."
Kendall - junior

"I would say a really good tip would be to make a master list of the classroom meeting times and if they aren’t specified decide on a time to do them, that way it’s easier to stay on top of the transition. Also write any assignments down and their due dates."
Alexis - freshman

"The one thing that has been helping me a lot is: Designate a study area in your room where you have all of your books, computer, and school supplies. This has helped me focus more on getting things done and not get distracted very easily."
Mara - junior

"Find a schedule that works with you and stick to it! Do not backload work. Do not be afraid to email your professor. Professors are willing to answer questions and understand they will receive many during this time."
Reid - senior

"My tips for success to students regarding online classes would be to treat online classes like face to face classes.  Practice time management and create a space in your home for studying and doing homework."
Roshan - senior

And from Thomas, a junior

  • It's easy to lose track of due dates with online classes, so keeping a good calendar is vital. Whether you're the fancy planner type or just a simple "to-do" list person, find a way that works for you and most importantly, stick to it!
  • Communicate with your professors and classmates. Just because you're online doesn't mean you can't ask questions and share thoughts.
  • It's easy to lose focus in online classes, so put yourself in an environment with minimal distractions.
  • "Tools" in Blackboard courses is your friend. Go there if you're having trouble finding something or just want to check your grades.
  • Lastly, take care of yourself! Don't forget to hydrate, take breaks when you need them, and get some fresh air. It does wonders!

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