University of Southern Indiana


Melissa Hensley
Mrs. Melissa Hensley
Senior Accountant
Contact: 812-465-1133
Robert D. Orr Center 0027

Shannon Hildenbrand
Mrs. Shannon Hildenbrand
Accounting Assistant
Contact: 812-465-7135
Robert D. Orr Center 0027

Jennifer Hill
Mrs. Jennifer Hill
Staff Accountant
Contact: 812-228-5132
Robert D. Orr Center 0027

Jonathan Shoptaw
Mr. Jonathan Shoptaw
Manager of AIS and Reporting
Contact: 812-461-5431
Robert D. Orr Center 027

Karen Tuley
Mrs. Karen Tuley
Manager of Accounting Operations Emerita
Robert D. Orr Center

Kimberly Turner
Mrs. Kimberly Turner
Staff Accountant
Contact: 812-465-1137
Robert D. Orr Center 0023

Katherine (Katie) Waterman
Ms. Katherine (Katie) Waterman
Manager, Accounting Operations
Contact: 812-461-5296
Robert D. Orr Center 0027

Kimberly Pearson
Mrs. Kimberly Pearson
Senior Employment Assistant
Contact: 812-464-1827
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 1075

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