University of Southern Indiana


Angela Torres
Ms. Angela Torres
Manager of Accounts Payable and Tax Accounting
Contact: 812-461-5423
Robert D. Orr Center 022

Elizabeth Schmitt
Ms. Elizabeth Schmitt
Staff Accountant
Contact: 812-464-1773
Robert D. Orr Center 0027

Andrew Smith
Mr. Andrew Smith
Staff Accountant
Contact: 812-461-5441
Robert D. Orr Center 021

Sherri Brown
Mrs. Sherri Brown
Senior Accounting Assistant
Contact: 812-464-1772
Robert D. Orr Center 021

Deborah Strueh
Mrs. Deborah Strueh
Senior Accounting Assistant
Contact: 812-461-5280
Robert D. Orr Center 027

Lisa Wulff
Mrs. Lisa Wulff
Senior Payroll Assistant
Contact: 812-464-1988
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 166

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