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We are excited to announce the launch of EagleSYNC 2.0! In May 2020, we began our partnership with Presence. Presence is a co-curricular student engagement platform. 

Presence/EagleSync Tutorials

EagleSync is USI's one-stop-shop for activities and engagement outside the classroom.  EagleSync lists events happening around campus as well as houses all of our Student Organizations as well as many campus Departments. 

These tutorials will walk you through the different features of Presence.  Please don't hesitate to contact Center for Campus Life with any further questions about Presence. 

Student Portal Navigation

    • Presence Homepage Navigation (Coming Soon!)
    • Finding Organizations and Campus Departments (Coming Soon!)
    • Finding Events Happening Around Campus (Coming Soon!)
    • Contacting and Joining Organizations (Coming Soon!)

Organization Management

Organization Information (New Organizations, Renewing Organizations, and Reactivating Organizations)

    • Organization Registration Form - For New Organizations Only
    • Edit Organization Information and Change Organization Photo



    • Creating an Event
    • Linking a Waiver to Your Event

Tracking Attendance

    • Using Barcode Scanning from CheckPoint App


    • Uploading Organization Documents


    • Creating a Form: Step 1 - Form Settings 
    • Creating a Form: Step 2 - Form Fields
    • Form Options: Creating an Approval Workflow
    • Form Options: Using Smart Logic 
    • Review/Approve Responses to Forms 

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