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To keep the organization’s registration or recognition current, it must be renewed with the Center for Campus Life by the fourth Friday in September. This renewal consists of updating names of current officers or representatives, advisor and any other relevant information, reviewing the constitution, updating the organization roster, and completing an annual organization policy and process review session. Should this renewal of registration not occur, all privileges extended to the organization will be revoked.

 Renewing your organization is 3-step process that must be completed IN ORDER:

  1. At least 1 STUDENT officer attends a Renewal Session
    Renewal Session Attendance:
    - At least 1 officer from each student organization must attend a Renewal Session
    - This representative must hold an officer position within the organization
    - An advisor’s attendance does not fulfill this step within an organization’s renewal process; however advisors are welcomed to attend
    - One Individual can represent a maximum of two student organizations at a Renewal Session
  2. Updating your Student Organization leadership and MEMBERSHIP ROSTER in EAGLESYNC
    - After attending the renewal session, the organization will be put into “Transition” in EagleSync and the officers will be responsible for updating the information and providing a roster.
    - Steps for Updating Leadership & Adding Membership Roster: We created a quick video to teach you how to complete this step!

  3. Advisor Completes the Annual Advisor Agreement
    - The advisor agreements will be sent by the Center for Campus Life directly to advisors.

    CONFIRMED Renewal Session Dates and Times:

    ü  Date Change* Thursday, August 18,  5-6:30pm (WILL BE VIRTUAL VIA ZOOM

    ü  Tuesday, August 23, 4-5:30pm (IN PERSON UC 2217-2218)

    ü  Friday, September 9 ,  3:30-5pm  (IN PERSON UC 2219-2220)

    ü  Thursday, September 22, 5-6:30 (IN PERSON UC 2217-2218)

     **In order to fulfill this requirement, attendees must stay for the entirety of the renewal session (NO EXCEPTIONS). We will track attendance at these sessions. NO OTHER SESSIONS WILL BE OFFERED UNTIL NOVEMBER for RENEWAL. If your organization fails to send a representative or complete a step, all space reservations will be cancelled.

    Failure to renew will result in the organization no longer be recognized by or registered with the University of Southern Indiana, thus losing the ALL privileges of being a student organization (this includes all eligibility for student organization grants, space reservations).