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The Student Involvement Center was created to enhance the functionality and sustainability of USI student organizations. The center provides cubicle workstations, offices, storage lockers, mailboxes, and graphics area for student organizations. During operating hours, the student involvement center is staffed by a student assistant. After hours, organizations can request access to the space through our card swipe system. 

Location & Hours

The Student Involvement Center is located on the ground floor on the University Center East near the Performance Center and next to the Student Life Lounge.

Monday- Thursday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.      Friday  10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Reserved Space for Student Organizations
The Student Involvement Center offers 16 reserved cubicle work stations, 20 reserved lockers, and 6 shared office spaces. Reserved spaces are reallocated annually. Open space is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Space Policies 

  • Personal Items:  No personal items are to be left in an organization’s space at any time.  The University of Southern Indiana and SDP assume no responsibility for damage or the loss of personal items.
  • Furniture/Equipment:  Upon allocation, an organization will be provided with basic furniture and equipment. The organization is responsible for the furniture within the space.  Any furniture present at check-in must be present at check-out. Furniture/equipment may not be removed.  Moving furniture from other areas of the University Center is strictly prohibited. Student Development Programs must approve any additional furniture/equipment an organization would like to add. Equipment with open heat coils or heating elements are prohibited.
  • Inspections: The University reserves the right to inspect the office space for the purpose of maintenance, sanitation, and safety concerns. Walkthroughs may occur in the event that the staff finds it appropriate to do so.  If necessary, the University may remove/dispose of items that may be of concern. 
  • Termination:  If an organization is not utilizing its allocated space, Student Development Programs may terminate its allocation at any time.  
  • Maintenance: Space must be kept neat and orderly at all times. Housekeeping will perform routine care of the space; however, the organization is responsible for keeping the area in good condition. 
  • Oversized Items: If an item does not fit in a locker or on/underneath a workstation desk AND space is not available in the storage closet, the item cannot be stored in the center.
  • Windows: Office door windows and all windows in the involvement center must remain uncovered at all times. 
  • Decorations: Do NOT place nails in the wood panel. All groups must receive prior approval from the Student Development Programs before hanging items on the wall. No glitter!
  • Storage Lockers:  The purpose of this space is to store an organization’s frequently used items. Food and items that flammable or give off a potent odor may not be kept in the storage space.
  • Annual Student Organization Renewal:  If an organization does not complete the renewal process by the deadline, the organization’s space will be terminated.    
  • Utilization:  Space is to be used for legitimate activities, meetings, gatherings and business of the student group. Overnight stays or any other activities for non-organizational purposes are prohibited.
  • Behavior: Organization members must be courteous and respectful of the other organizations sharing space in the SIC.
  • Graphics Room: Painting on the floor is prohibited. Groups are expected to clean up after themselves.

Involvement Center Access
Organizations with space may access their space within the SIC anytime during the University Center’s hours.  Access may be granted to those members needing to utilize the organization’s space outside of the SIC’s hours of operation.  To gain access, a student should complete the form on EagleSync titled “Student Involvement Center Access Form”.  This form will need to be approved by the student organization president, before it is processed. Students should allow 3-5 business days before their access request is processed. 

Lockers and workstation/office drawer keys are accessed through the SIC Keybox. Each group has a pin number for their organization. It is the President’s responsibility to share this pin number with those members who have been granted access only.  The pin number will be used to obtain the keys to the organization’s storage locker or desk in their office space or workstation.  Access will expire at the end of finals week following each fall and spring semester.  Summer access can be requested. If a student with access to the SIC obtains a new Eagle Access Card that student must fill out the EagleSync form again. Access follows the card not the student.

Each student organization can have their mail sent to the Student Involvement Center. To request a mailbox, fill out the form "Student Organization Mailbox Request Form" on EagleSync. The mailing address and mailbox combination will be sent via email. Organizations may also periodically receive packages to large to place in their mailbox. when this occurs, the Student Involvement Center staff will contact the president of the organization to arrange pick-up.

Resources Available to Student Organizations in the SIC:

  • Computers: Some of the spaces have a university computer. We STRONGLY recommend you save items to a flash drive or the Microsoft One Drive
  • Graphics Room: There is a space in the center where groups can work on art projects. Policies for use of the space can be found in the policies section of this document.
  • Printers:  Both a black/white printer and a color printer.
  • Printing Allocation: Each organization can receive 30 black & white copies/prints and 10 color prints per week.  If an organization does not use the allotted prints/copies in a given week the allotted number of copies cannot be accumulated for future usage.
  • Storage Closet: Supplies that are used infrequently can be stored in the closet located in the back of the SIC.  Student Development Programs must approve all items stored in this location.  An SDP student assistant or staff member will be needed for an organization to access any items held in the storage closet. 

Large Conference Room
The Student Involvement Center houses a large board meeting room style conference room that student organizations are able to reserve through Scheduling Services.

To Report a problem or issue in the Student Involvement Center, email  or call (812) 465-7167.