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Benefits for Students

The First Day Access program is a new textbook model in collaboration with top publishers that converts books into digital content. All students enrolled in a class buy into the content, lowering the cost for everyone. All students enrolled in that class acquire an access link for their digital content when the instructor opens the class on Blackboard.

  • Guaranteed Lowest Price
  • First Day Access of Course Materials
  • Seamless Integration
  • Consistent User Experience Across All Devices
  • Study Tools to Enhance Learning

How First Day Access Works

First Day Access program information will be emailed from First Day Access to your USI email account prior to the start of class. You will be able to access the content through Blackboard when your instructor opens Blackboard for your course.

Everyone enrolled in the class has free access through the University’s 100% refund period. After that time, your student account will be billed for First Day Access textbooks. If you have not selected the Opt Out, please see below. The charge will appear on your student account as “First Day Access eBook”  Students who have opted out of the program or dropped the course during the 100% refund period will not be billed.

How to Opt Out of First Day Access

Your instructor selected the First Day Access digital content that you need to complete your course successfully. The price is guaranteed to be lower than purchasing directly from the publisher. If you do not wish to purchase the First Day Access, you may opt out of the program.  The opt out button will be visible when you select and view your access link on Blackboard.

Opt out is only available until the end of the University’s 100% refund period. You must complete your opt out online by the end of the 100% refund period. If you accidentally Opt Out, you will have the option to opt back in only until the end of the University's 100% refund period.

Students who drop the course before the end of the 100% refund period will automatically be "opted out" and will not be billed. Students who drop after 100% refund period will not receive a refund for First Day Access.

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