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FACT Program

Formative Assessment of Classroom Teaching


Goal: Assist faculty members with their own reflective teaching by providing anonymous mid-semester feedback from their students.

Consultants: Trained by having a FACT, observing a FACT, and conducting a FACT under observation. Consultants meet at the beginning and end of each academic year.

Timing: FACTs are conducted mid-semester, after students have received at least one grade but with enough of the semester left for potential changes.

Process: After a FACT is requested, CETL assigns a trained consultant from a different college to visit one of the faculty member’s classes, usually during the last 20 minutes.

The faculty member leaves; the consultant asks the students to work in groups of 6-8 to consider how well they are learning in the class. The consultant and the students discuss the responses and help one another better understand the learning proc

Fact and eFact Inquiry

Ex: ENG 101.001

Please choose mid-semester dates.

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Ex: RL 0007


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