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Assisting Distressed Students

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As with any other person in your life, interactions with students at times can be challenging. Whether you are working to help a student that is in distress, or dealing with a student of concern, our professionally trained staff is available to help you think through your options and obligations in a supportive manner. Consultations are available during normal business hours (Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm) by calling our main telephone number at 812/464-1867.

The Counseling Center is here to support USI faculty and staff through difficult situations involving students. However, please be aware that our consultative services do not constitute therapy, and as such, they do not carry a guarantee of confidentiality. If it is our opinion that the CARE team needs to respond to, or simply be made aware of, the situation, the Counseling Center will take steps to ensure that all relevant information is shared with the CARE team and/or the Dean of Students Office.

If you need immediate assistance, please inform our front office personnel of this fact when you call. Immediate assistance is available after normal business hours through the Office of Public Safety (812/492-7777), who can contact Counseling Center personnel as needed.

When there are Safety Concerns (or other serious matters),
Do NOT E-mail
or leave a voicemail! Don't stop until you get someone from the Counseling Center, Dean of Students Office, the Office of Public Safety, or another USI Care Team member on the telephone.


Support is also available through the University's CARE Team, which is a cross-functional assessment group, chaired by the Dean of Students. This team, of which the Counseling Center is a part, works collaboratively to provide confidential, respectful, and proactive support and resources. The CARE Team centralizes the reporting of information, publicizes current policy, and encourages early intervention.

Anyone (students, parents, faculty/staff, community members) can make a CARE Team referral when they know of a student in need or when they are concerned about a student's behavior. For the safety and well being of the student and campus community, all employees should consider it their responsibility to report concerning behaviors to the CARE Team.

Please go to the CARE Team website to learn more about the CARE Team and how to make a referral.

Preparing to Meet with a Student

Faculty and staff are encouraged to be proactive in their preparation for their work with distressed and distressing students. Please review the Campus CARE Guide and the Counseling Center's Faculty/Staff Flow Chart for a concise decision-making matrix to guide you in your interactions.

You are also strongly encouraged to contact us, before an incident with a distressed student occurs for a presentation on helping students. To schedule a presentation, please go to our Request a Presentation page. 


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is a SAFE ZONE for individuals of all ethnicities, abilities, religions, sexual orientations, physical appearances/sizes, and gender identities.


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