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"Dialogue is a non-confrontational communication, where both partners are willing to learn from the other and therefore leads much farther into finding new grounds together." --Scilla Elworthy

Welcome to the Voices of Discovery webpage! This is a new program which started on USI's campus in February 2016.

What is Voices of Discovery?

Voices of Discovery is an intergroup dialogue program designed to enhance students’ understanding of intergroup/diversity issues. The group is structured around understanding respectful dialogue and learning how to share viewpoints respectfully. Students learn about many aspects of diversity (i.e., ethnicity, ability, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and age) while being actively encouraged to consider others’ viewpoints and experiences. 

The Voices of Discovery program was founded at Arizona State by Jesus Trevino, Ph.D., then-director of ASU’s Intergroup Relations Center. The program spread to several other universities around the country, from Cal State Long Beach to IU Bloomington.

What can I gain from participating?

A few of the participants from the Spring 2016 cohort who completed the Voices of Discovery program discussed what they gained as a result of participation.

How to Apply

The application for participation in Fall 2016 will open on this page in August 2016. Check back soon!

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