COVID-19 Testing

University Health Center

On-campus COVID-19 testing is available for USI students and employees by appointment on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. PCR and rapid antigen testing is available. Please note, antigen testing is available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on DAY 5 of symptoms or exposure. For example, if you wake up with a running nose you should wait 5 days later to be tested to ensure the antigen test is accurate.  Testing too early will provide false negatives. PCR testing is appropriate on days 3-5.

USI is no longer receiving free antigen COVID tests. Antigen tests are available at a $20 charge.

PCR testing is being billed to insurance. If testing for travel or other administrative reasons, Deaconess Lab will bill the patient $139.   

Call the University Health Center (UHC) at 812-465-1250 to schedule an appointment.


The Indiana State Department of Health COVID-19 Testing site includes a list of testing sites by county. Click on the county desired to see a list of testing locations. Currently there are five testing locations in Vanderburgh County. Each location includes detailed information about hours, criteria for testing, scheduling and results. Please do not visit these locations without first reviewing this information.


The Kentucky Public Health COVID-19 Testing site lets you choose testing locations by county and find other details such as scheduling, who can test and cost.


The Illinois Department of Public Health COVID-19 Testing site does not provide locations, but you can find contact information for testing.