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The Creative and Print Services staff is professionally trained in the specialized areas of printing and graphic design. We partner with other University departments to develop quality graphic design, marketing and informational collateral. The department uses a team approach to plan and develop all projects.


University Policy

All design, print and copy projects should be routed through Creative and Print Services.

This policy ensures consistent University branding and identity, as well as design quality and editing standards. Additionally, Creative and Print Services will digitally archive documents and accounting records and can negotiate the best price with outside resources.

Creative and Print Services has one customer and one priority - the University of Southern Indiana.


  • Director, assistant director and production coordinator; three graphic designers; two print production specialists; copy center supervisor and two copy specialists.
  • State-of-the-art graphic design computer platforms and software.
  • Protection of University brand.
  • An express courier service for campus delivery of printed materials.

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