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Turnaround Time

Creative and Print Services is your resource for design and printing needs. Turnaround time is one of the most important things to consider when you start planning a project.

In general, three to six weeks will cover most printing projects; however, each project is unique. We will make every effort to accommodate emergency situations if needed.

Here are some guidelines to help you plan:

Our work begins with the design phase, so copy writing, editing and photo selection should be done prior to submitting the Creative and Print Services Requisition.

We must have a requisition before we can begin work on your project.

Types of Publishing Jobs

  • Stock Items
    Allow one to two days to fill your order.

    USI Stock "generic" letterhead and envelopes are available from Creative and Print Services. 

    For department-specific letterhead and envelopes and large stationery quantities, allow a minimum of two weeks to fill your order. These items are not considered "stock items" and require a print run to produce.

    See a list of stock items.

  • Rerun (No Changes)
    Allow a minimum of three weeks to fill your order.

    This is considered a straight rerun of a previously printed job.

  • Rerun (With Changes)
    Allow three to six weeks to fill your order.

    Depending on the number of changes, a rerun of a job with alterations could take three to six weeks. Always make changes in red ink to a hard copy of the most recently printed version. Only retype large blocks of text when needed and send us the Microsoft Word digital file.

  • New job
    New jobs are jobs that have never been designed and/or printed and take longer to produce than reruns.

    Contact us for a planning meeting so we are prepared and can assist you in the best way. More intricate print pieces obviously require a longer turnaround time. Planning projects early will ensure that your piece is produced by your desired delivery date. Allow a minimum of six weeks for design, proofing and printing. Excessive and late changes during proofing may extend the delivery date.

    Text files should be submitted in Microsoft Word only. Our designers will format the text to meet your needs. Proofs will be provided to you for approval before final printing.

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