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Taxi Cab

SAFE Ride provides a safe way home or alternative transportation for emergency situations. Students should call River City Yellow Cab at 812-429-0000 and tell them they need a “USI SAFE Ride”. The taxi will pick you up and bring you home or to another safe location (police station, emergency department, etc.) locally. You will have to show your valid Eagle Access Card.

There is no cost at the time of the ride. However, SAFE Ride is not a free service, and your account will be billed for the cost of the ride, up to $20. You are expected to pay your bill at the USI Cashier’s Office within 10 days. There is a $50 maximum credit limit at any time. If you continue to pay your bill, you may continue to use SAFE Ride as necessary.

This program is an alternative to driving or riding under the influence, getting out of a situation of dating or domestic violence, providing alternative transportation after a car breakdown, or transportation to a medical facility or social service agency. The service is not intended to be used as on-going transportation or for long-distance travel.

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