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Testing Accommodations

Testing Procedures for Students with Disabilities

As a faculty member who has a student with a documented disability, you may choose to administer your exam with all the approved accommodations or you may take advantage of the  Disability Resources (DR) testing area. With few exceptions students testing in DR will be electronically monitored and all can be recorded at your request.

Should you choose to have your student complete his/her exam(s) in the DR office, please read the following:

  • Submitting Exams

  • Please deliver or submit exams to the DR office no later than 4pm the day before testing.  As a courtesy you may receive a reminder email prior to this time.

  • The DR office will have scantrons, basic calculators and scratch paper available for electronically submitted exams.  If you deliver the exams in person we would appreciate having the needed materials included with the exams.

  • We recommend professors pick up completed exams, but if you wish, exams may be sent by campus mail. Please note, campus mail picks up from our office around 10am and 2pm each day. Exams completed after 2pm will not be picked up until the next work day. *Exams will not be returned via campus mail during Fall 2020. However, you may request that exams be scanned and emailed to you. 

  • Final exams – Beginning spring 2016 we will follow the university schedule for final exams as closely as possible. However students with more than one exam in a day may need to adjust their exam start times so that they are able to receive all of their extended time on each exam.

    Thank you for your assistance! We look forward to our continued, successful work together, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, 812-464-1961.

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