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Getting Started

In order to receive academic accommodations please follow these 3 steps.

1. Contact Disability Resources (DR)

Call or stop by to let us know you will be requesting academic accommodations while at USI. We can discuss the accommodation process and what documentation may be needed at that time.

Please don't delay contacting DR out of concern for not having sufficient documentation. Call 812-464-1961 to schedule an appointment. During our meeting we will determine what documentation may be needed and try to assist you in getting it.

2. Submit documentation

Disability-related documentation should provide information on how the disability currently affects the student in daily life as well as in an academic setting so that effective accommodations can be identified. Please take the Verification of Disability form with you when requesting documentation from your professional. (see right hand column)

*Please visit our Documentation Guidelines page for complete documentation information.

3. Meet with a Disability Resources Coordinator

After submitting documentation, a Disability Resources Coordinator, along with the student, will use a collaborative approach to determine appropriate academic services and accommodations specific to the student’s functional limitations in the academic setting.

Once appropriate accommodations are decided, letters that list the approved accommodations will be prepared for the student to take to each of their instructors.

Some examples of common accommodations:

  • Extra time on exams
  • Reduced distraction testing area for exams
  • Readers/scribes
  • Note takers
  • Alternative format text books
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Use of recorder
  • Enlarged materials

(Please note: If you plan to take all online classes you may still need accommodations such as extra time on exams.)

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