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Success Tips for Incoming Freshman-Before Classes Begin

  • Before you move into campus housing, be sure that you have thought through daily responsibilities such as doing your own laundry, managing a bank account, and handling your own medicine. Several structured supports that were in place during high school will not transition with you to the college setting.
  • Discuss your family health care plan and how you might access confidential health care services if necessary. 
  • In order to have your accommodations in place early in the semester make sure you have submitted appropriate documentation before the beginning of the school year. You will receive a follow-up email or phone call to set up an appointment once your documentation has been reviewed.
  • Understand your disability. Be able to discuss your strengths, weaknesses, and functional limitations with the Disability Resources Coordinator. This conversation will assist with developing appropriate accommodations.  
  • When scheduling classes, don’t schedule classes back to back. Leave some extra time in between classes if you plan to utilize extended time on exams.
  • Learn study skills by setting up an appointment with an academic coach in Academic Skills.

 Success Tips-After Classes Have Begun

  • Meet with your instructors during office hours to provide them with your letters that list your accommodations. Try to have a conversation with your professors and develop a good relationship with them.
  • Manage time wisely. Look at the syllabi from all of your classes. Fill out a calendar to include due dates for all assignments and for all exams. This will help you to be proactive and to pace yourself so that you can spread out the work load especially when you have multiple assignments due and exams around the same time.
  • Attend tutoring and supplemental instruction. These free services will provide you with extra support and will help you study for your classes.


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