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Remote Learning Accommodations

Remote/Online Accommodations

If you are approved to have test-taking or note-taking accommodations, please see the information below as a guide to using those accommodations in an online environment.

If you are approved for other accommodations not addressed below, and if you have questions about whether or not your accommodations apply in an online environment, please contact Ronda or Katie as soon as possible.


  • Extra time on exams/quizzes in an online environment:

If you have a timed test online, make sure you email your instructor BEFORE the day of the test. Your instructor will be able to adjust your time in Blackboard so that you get your full extended time. Communication with your instructor about this BEFORE the test is vitally important.  


  • Using a reader as an accommodation in an online environment:

If you normally use a reader when taking exams in DR, you can download a program called Natural Reader to your computer. Natural Reader is a free screen reading software and works with both Windows and Mac. Contact Katie or Ronda if you need assistance with this download.  

Here is the hyperlink for Natural Reader:



  • Note-taking accommodations in an online environment:

If you have note-taking accommodations, this will be made available to you as instructors post lecture content online.  Some instructors will post their Power Points on Blackboard, some will record themselves talking in lectures via Voicethread or Panopto. You will be able to re-watch these lectures multiple times. Peer notes will not be made available to you.

(We understand this does not address all possible online lecture settings/methods. If you have note-taking as an accommodation and have concerns, please contact Ronda or Katie as soon as possible.)




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