University of Southern Indiana

Fire Safety

The University has developed a Fire Prevention Plan aimed at reducing the risk of fire-related incidents and injuries. The University's policies are based on the premise that most fires are preventable and all members of the University community have the responsibility to prevent fires.

All faculty, staff and students should be aware of potential fire hazards related to a campus environment. The University community should also be knowledgeable of the emergency procedures that should be followed in the event of a fire.

The University takes student fire safety seriously and has established fire safety programs for students living in our campus residence halls. Fire evacuation plans have been developed for each residence hall and copies of these plans can be found on the inside of the door of each room.

The University also has specific fire safety programs that target Physical Plant employees and contractors working on our campus. Red Tag Permits are physical tags that are placed on equipment such as sprinklers and fire pumps to remind workers to return the equipment to service when repairs are completed. Hot work permits should be used by contractors, employees and students who work with torches and other hot sources.

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