University of Southern Indiana

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to work in partnership with the University community in delivering high quality services to facilitate the recruitment, retention and graduation of a diverse student population. We strive to provide prospective and currently enrolled students a seamless transition from initial inquiry to enrollment and through to graduation.

We aspire to be known as leaders in enrollment management best practices who deliver exemplary service to all of our constituents.

The Division of Enrollment Services is committed to:

  • Excellence
    In the standards we set, the results we produce, the relationships we are in and the dedicated service we provide.

  • Acting with integrity and personal accountability
    We accept responsibility for our actions, we keep our word and we focus on solutions rather than fault and blame, and we take initiative to make things happen.

  • Openness and trust
    Our communication is direct and honest, we promote authenticity and transparency in our relationships and activities, we’re open to feedback and coaching, and we give feedback with candor and respect.

  • Diversity in people and ideas
    The health of our environment demands that we respect each other, that we are inclusive, and that we profoundly value who each of us is as a whole person and what each of us uniquely contributes.

  • Change and innovation
    These principles are our heritage and our future—we’re curious, we’re creative, and we embrace positive, constructive conflict.

  • Simplicity in our work
    In the administration and management of our enterprise, we are responsive, ethical and transparent, and we strive to make the functioning of this complex institution simple and efficient.

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