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Southern Indiana Japanese School (Saturdays)

Celebrating 10 years of excellence                   

What Southern Indiana Japanese School students have to say: SIJS Students
  • "I enjoy making crafts with my friends." AH, 1st Grade
  • "Everybody is friendly.  I like Japanese School very much." YH, 1st Grade
  • "I like playing dodge ball with teachers and older boys during lunch break." TK, 1st Grade
  • "I am looking forward to going to the Japanese School every week."  SH, 1st Grade
  • "I enjoy math at Japanese School.  I enjoy the class of 'Life'."  AN 1st Grade
  • "I love playing dodge ball during lunch break."  KN, 1st Grade
  • "I love dodge ball."  KO, 2nd Grade
  • "I like baseball.  Study is not easy at this school."  RK, 2nd Grade
  • "It is hard to do all the homework."  NS, 2nd Grade
  • "There are only three third graders and I am the only boy.  I want more third grade boys!"  RT, 3rd Grade
  • "I like Japanese School because there are many Japanese friends."  YN, 3rd Grade
  • "I came to Indiana from Toyohashi in March of 2001.  I didn't have a friend of my age at that time, but now I have three classmates.  I like collecting tools."  YN, 3rd Grade
  • "I miss other 4th graders because I am the only one.  Come and join me."  ME, 4th Grade
  • "Since the members increased, we have had more fun."  AH, 5th Grade
  • "Lots of fun."  YY, 5th Grade
  • "When I first came to the Japanese School there were only 11 students.  Now there are more than 50 students, and it's a lot of  fun."  MK, 5th Grade
  • "Everybody is so kind."  KH, 5th Grade
SIJS Students
  • "I like to play sports.  When the junior baseball league was over, I joined the indoor soccer team.  I play soccer every Saturday evening.  It's a lot of fun for me."  HT, 5th Grade
  • "Japanese School is a place everybody enjoys studying."  MT, 6th Grade
  • "I am happy to have more and more students at our school."  KT, 6th Grade
  • "I am glad to be able to speak in Japanese here."  MS, 6th Grade
  • "I always enjoy studying at the Japanese School.  Good teachers and good friends."  AS, 7th Grade
  • "You can make friends with many people here."  KM, 7th Grade
  • "There are many Japanese friends here."  SH, 7th Grade
  • The good points of this school are that I can talk in Japanese and that we have many books in the library."  CN, 8th Grade
  • "I really like the Japanese School because it is the only place that I can talk with my friends in Japanese.  I hope that many friends will come to our school from Japan."  AN, 8th Grade
  • "I'm happy to study Japanese and talk with my Japanese friends here.  I'm looking forward to coming this school every Saturday."  YS, 9th Grade
  • "I like this school."  HH, 9th Grade
  • "I'm absorbed in playing tennis.  I started to play tennis last year and that was just for fun.  But I'm taking lessons this year to be a good player."  YT, 9th Grade
  • "This is a very good school."  YY, 9th Grade
  • "Japanese School is a pleasant place."  KK, 9th Grade
  • "Japanese School is a happy place we meet once a week to talk with Japanese friends and study together." MM, 10th Grade
  • "I enjoy the Japanese School."  HH, 10th Grade
  • "Many people are coming to the Japanese School and it’s becoming bigger and bigger."  DH, 11th Grade
  • "We go to school on Saturday."  MH, 12th Grade



SIJS Students

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