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COVID-19 Requests and Cleaning Information

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Please be sure to specify exactly what materials you are wanting and how many.

University cleaning and disinfecting protocols

Each office suite should be equipped with one 8 oz. (or larger) bottle of hand sanitizer and one bottle of sanitizer spray for cleaning. (Facilities will not be providing hand sanitizer to individuals or individual offices at this time.) Additionally, each individual office/workspace should be equipped with one cleaning cloth and extra trash bags. (These will not be supplied to bathrooms, labs, or classrooms at this time.) Please create a work request to return all empty hand and cleaning sanitizer containers to custodial staff so they may be refilled.

Cleaning cloths will be collected and changed out weekly. Trash cans in office suites and individual offices/workspaces will be emptied once a week, when the office/workspace is cleaned. (These cleaning days vary across campus.) If you choose to empty your trash more frequently, please empty it into the trash can in the nearest break room. Break room trash cans will be emptied daily.

University custodial staff will clean each office weekly, including desk surfaces that are not covered. Employees are strongly encouraged to clean and sanitize their own workspaces and personal items frequently. Additional guidance from the CDC is available on proper cleaning protocols.

Plexiglass separation shields, installed in many areas across campus, are to be cleaned only with microfiber cloths and water. All employees with separation shields have been provided one microfiber cloth.

If you, or your area, did not receive the supplies described or you have a specific need for additional supplies, please submit a Work Order Request. Facilities is covering the cost of most orders, but any large orders must be approved by a Financial Manager. Departments are not to purchase their own personal protective equipment (PPE) or cleaning supplies without prior approval from Procurement.

Employees are welcome to bring their own hand sanitizer and cleaning materials for their office/workspace only.

Custodial staff will also continue to clean high touch areas around campus. Classrooms will be supplied with a bottle of sanitizing cleaning spray and cleaning cloths as well as hand sanitizer. Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers are being added in the public entryways of buildings. Other high touch items such as newspapers, magazines, and brochure racks should not be stocked in common areas.

It is extremely important for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 that we all practice personal sanitation. Proper hand washing, as well as cough and sneeze etiquette, is important for all. Additional guidance is available from the CDC.

This content was obtained from University Communications and edited by Facility Operations and Planning.

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