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Vehicle Rental


The Vehicle Rental Process is changing. For more information regarding this notice, please click here.

Vehicle Rental Procedures

Vehicle Request Button

The University of Southern Indiana has negotiated discounted rates the local Enterprise branch. In order to reserve a rental vehicle, please complete a Vehicle Request Form online no less than 48 business hours by clicking here.

*Filling out a travel authorization form DOES NOT automatically make a vehicle reservation for your trip! Please make all vehicle rentals AT LEAST ONE WEEK prior to your trip.
You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Type of vehicle requested
  • Destination of travel
  • Pick-up and return date and time*
  • Name of driver(s)
  • Number of persons traveling
  • 15-digit Banner account number
  • Email address of the fiscal agent

* Vehicles may not be picked up earlier or returned later than the start/end time listed. Please take this into consideration when planning your trip and submitting your vehicle request.

A University Travel Authorization Form, if required, must be completed and approved prior to making a vehicle reservation. A confirmation will be sent to the requester after all details have been completed. You do not need to provide this to us; travel will send them. Vehicle rental confirmations and billing will be sent to the fiscal agent approving the request.

At the reserved start time of the reservation, the driver may pick up a vehicle packet from the Physical Plant containing vehicle & reservation information, a key to the rental vehicle, a credit card for purchasing gasoline, and all necessary insurance, accident, and emergency information. The person picking up the packet will be asked to sign a vehicle rental check-out sheet confirming that someone from the department has obtained the packet. By signing for the packet, you are confirming the driver has a valid license, is at least 21 years of age, is renting for University-related affairs, has read the University Fleet Policy, and understands that only authorized drivers may operate the vehicle. All drivers will be asked to provide their license before or at the time of pick up. All reserved vehicles will then be picked up and returned to a designated location in Lot K. At the completion of the trip the vehicle must be returned to campus with a full tank of gasoline (or match the tank level at pick up). Failure to return a vehicle with the appropriate amount of gasoline will result in an additional charge per gallon from the rental company. Deposit the rental packet in the two labeled boxes at the beginning of Lot H campus walkway. Packets and keys MUST be separated and placed in the appropriate boxes. Failure to do so will result in extra rental day charges.

When damage occurs to a rental vehicle during a trip, Vehicle Reservations needs to be notified immediately so that the proper paperwork can be filed for the rental company to repair. If unreported damage is intentional, charges will be sent to the department that used the rental vehicle.

For questions regarding vehicle rental, email  or call 812-464-1700.

Employee Responsibility
Employees are expected to operate rental vehicles in a safe and responsible manner. However, if a driving offense or accident occurs, the employee should take the appropriate actions to minimize inconvenience and/or avoid a fine/suspension of driving privileges by the state of Indiana. For questions regarding this procedure, contact Human Resources. If you no longer need a reserved vehicle, please notify Vehicle Reservations as soon as you find out. Failure to notify Vehicle Reservations 24 business hours in advance may result in being charged.

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