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About Financial Assistance

USI's financial aid office makes a great investment even better.

Student Financial Assistance at USI works toward the same goal as our academic departments: helping students find opportunities.

Our financial aid counselors will guide you toward wise college financial aid decisions that make USI's outstanding educational value even better. Our financial aid counselors offer personalized attention, working with you closely to design a sustainable financial assistance plan that:

  • Supports your educational financial goals, both short- and long-term.
  • Doesn't overburden you with debt.
  • Integrates multiple sources of financial aid.
  • Minimizes hassle and maximizes convenience.

USI delivers high-quality education with an affordable tuition and fee structure. With our generous student financial aid packages, a college degree from USI falls within reach of even more students—including you.

Design a college student aid package that works for your household.

The majority of USI students receive some form of college financial aid, so our financial assistance counselors are experts at navigating the financial aid system. Our counselors will ensure that you meet financial aid deadlines, so you get the most grant and scholarship aid available. In addition, the Financial Assistance office will help you complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), determine your eligibility for financial aid and build a sustainable financial plan.

Student Financial Assistance taps into four primary types of student financial aid:

  • Grants, including federal college grant programs (such as Pell and FSEOG), state of Indiana grant programs and grants for military families. These types of funds do not require repayment and are income driven.
  • Scholarships from many sources, including hundreds of scholarships sponsored by the USI Foundation.
  • Work study, including the Federal Work Study (FWS) program.
  • Student loans from government and private-sector lenders.

To find out how Student Financial Assistance can help you make the most of your educational opportunities, contact us at 812-464-1767 or 800-467-1965.

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