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Foundation Accounting

Mission Statement

It is the primary mission of the University of Southern Indiana Foundation Accounting Department to:

  • Establish and communicate policies and procedures necessary to ensure the proper safeguarding and efficient use of Foundation assets.
  • Maintain an accurate and effective accounting and financial reporting system for the Foundation.
  • Develop and maintain effective internal control systems to safeguard Foundation assets.
  • Provide oversight and management to ensure the integrity of all Foundation Accounting financial activities and affairs.


It is the vision of the Foundation Accounting Department to meet the financial and accounting needs of a growing and dynamic University community, to exceed exceptional performance standards, and to operate in a courteous and professional manner. We strive to maintain an important and distinct role in the University community. The core values of the Foundation Accounting Department are:

Integrity - We are committed to operating with the highest level of ethical and moral conduct.

Confidentiality - We are committed to safeguarding confidential information.

Service - We are committed to providing excellent customer service based upon mutual respect to support the University community.

Professional Development and Growth - We are committed to providing an environment where Foundation Accounting staff are encouraged to grow professionally and personally, develop and offer new ideas and solutions, be recognized for their achievements, and to be given opportunities for empowerment and enrichment.

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