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Livia Alexander '18: Efroymson Bridge Year Fellowship

Livia Alexander ’18 was the recipient of the 2019 Efroymson Bridge Year Fellowship. The Efroymson Bridge Year Fellowship is a competitive award program presented to one graduating senior or recent alumnus from the Art and Design Department annually. The goal of the Efroymson Bridge Year Fellowship is to fund a post-undergraduate year, allowing the recipient to focus on their studio practice to expand the their artistic vision, enhance their portfolio, gain maturity as an art maker, and successfully earn entrance to graduate school in his/her area of expertise.

“I’m a very detailed painter and balancing a 15 hour class load and trying to paint is really hard,” said Livia. “When I graduated I had completed five pieces, but 20 are needed to apply to graduate school. If it wasn’t for the Efroymson Bridge Year Fellowship I wouldn’t be going to graduate school. Having the money, time, space, and opportunity to create more work has made all the difference. I guarantee I wouldn’t have been thought of by Art Institute of Chicago if I hadn’t had this time to reflect and dive into my practice, my techniques, my ideas, my themes and beyond. It really has changed my life – I feel strongly that it has.”

Livia applied to 9 different graduate schools. She was accepted to several. Livia dreams of exhibiting across the country and eventually teaching art at the collegiate level. Livia’s exhibition, Mortal Flesh, was on display at the McCutchan Art Center and Pace Galleries on the University of Southern Indiana campus in March 2020.

Livia also realized it is through people who care about students that allowed her to be the beneficiary of multiple opportunities, including art show awards, scholarships and two fellowships. These experiences made her the artist she is today. "Young artists may possess the talent and passion for greatness, but it takes the right kind of support for them to achieve it – and gifts to the University will make that greatness a reality," she notes.

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