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Applying for Foundation Scholarships

Complete an Application through AwardSpring

The scholarship application process for the 2020-2021 academic year is officially closed. However, the USI Foundation strongly advises each student to still submit a scholarship application through AwardSpring up through the next scholarship cycle in fall 2020. This is to ensure an application is on file should a student experience a financial need throughout the academic year. The deadline to submit scholarship applications for the following academic year traditionally occurs in October.

Current, incoming and transfer students should click on the AwardSpring icon through MyUSI to complete a single application. The software will automatically match potential recipients to scholarships based on application information and criteria established by the scholarship donor.

Information obtained during admission to the University will be automatically uploaded to the AwardSpring application; however, a student must access and complete the entire AwardSpring application to be eligible to receive a scholarship through the USI Foundation. Current students who have completed at least one semester will also have their major and GPA automatically uploaded.

Completed applications will be evaluated by USI faculty and staff reviewers. Winning recipients are notified in the spring.

A new scholarship application must be submitted each academic year. AwardSpring applications submitted prior are not eligible for new scholarships.

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