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Council of Graduate Program Directors and Chairs



Dr. Ronald Rochon, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; ex officio
Sandy Frank, Registrar; ex officio
Marna Hostetler, Director of Library; ex officio

Dr. Mayola Rowser, Chair; Director of Graduate Studies
Dr. Bonnie Beach, Director of the Master of Science in Education Program 
Dr. Renee Frimming, Chair of Kinesiology & Sport
Dr. Charles Conaway, Director of the Master of Arts in English
Dr. James Dickerson, Director of the Master of Social Work Program
Dr. Melissa Hall, Chair of Graduate Nursing
Dr. Trent Engbers, Director of the Master of Public Administration Program
Dr. Mary K. Arvin, Chair of the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy Program
Dr. Leigh Anne Howard, Director of the Master of Arts in Communication Program
Dr. Tamara Hunt, Director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program
Dr. Thomas McDonald, Director of the Master of Science in Industrial Management Program
Dr. Jessica Garces Jensen, Director of the Master of Arts in Second Language Acquisition Program
Dr. Jack Smothers, Director of the Master of Business Administration Program
Dr. Kevin Valadares, Chair of the Master of Health Administration Program

Duties and Responsibilities of the Graduate Council »

The Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is the academic, executive, and planning committee of the Graduate Faculty. Its membership consists of the director of each graduate program and an elected representative of the Graduate Faculty in each school. In addition, the registrar, director of Library Services, and the provost are ex officio members. The director of Graduate Studies serves as the chairperson.

A. The Graduate Council

  1. Develops the policies for Graduate standards;
  2. Reviews and approves recommendations regarding new academic courses and programs;
  3. Serves as the legislative and administrative body for graduate programs at the University;
  4. Makes recommendations to the provost and director of Graduate Studies concerning those proposed for membership in the Graduate Faculty;
  5. Serves as the long-range planning committee for graduate studies at the university.

B. Election of Members

In the spring, the deans of the schools with forthcoming vacancies on the Graduate Council will conduct an election to fill the vacancies of representatives. The election to the Graduate Council will be timed to be distinct from the election to the Faculty Senate.

C. Term of Office

  1. Elected Graduate Council members shall serve three-year terms. Terms shall be staggered so that no more than two members will complete their terms of office at one time.
  2. Terms of elected members will begin the first day of the fall semester.
  3. Members may not be elected to succeed themselves.
  4. A member shall be eligible to serve a second full term only after the lapse of one or more years following the last period of service. 
  5. A person serving part of a term as a replacement shall be eligible for election to an immediately following term. 
  6. If a vacancy on the Graduate Council occurs between regularly scheduled elections, the School will choose a replacement until the next regular election.
  7. The Graduate Council shall be empowered to determine whether a vacancy exists.

D. Meetings

The Graduate Council will meet at least twice each semester, with meeting times dictated by the current workload.

Graduate Council Minutes for the 2018-19 Academic Year »

May 23, 2018

August 16, 2017

September 20, 2017

November 15, 2017

December 13, 2017

Graduate Council Archived Minutes »

Archived Minutes


Graduate Faculty Members

Master of Arts in Communication »

Dr. Leigh Anne Howard

Ms. Lindsey DiTirro

Dr. Wesley Durham

Tillman Russell

Bob West

Master of Arts in English »

Dr. Charles Conaway

Dr. Michael Kearns

Dr. Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw

Dr. Oana Popescu-Sandu

Master of Business Administration »

Dr. Ernest Hall

Dr. Jason Fertig

Dr. Jack Smothers

Master of Science in Industrial Management »

Dr. Thomas McDonald

Dr. Marco Lara Gracia

Master of Science in Nursing »

Dr. Mellisa Hall

MMrs. Sharon Arnold

Dr. Roxanne Beckham

Dr. Beth Bonham

Mrs. Matrika Brown

Dr. adine Coudret

Mrs. Cynthia Cuson

Dr. Barbara Davis

Dr. Mikel Hand

Mrs. Jennie Hiam

Dr. Roberta Hoebeke

Mrs. Sue Krieg

Mrs. Allison Krieger

Dr. Judi Kuric

Mrs. Amanda Orr

Dr. Kay Roberts

Mary Rock, Esq.

Dr. Susan Seibert

Dr. M.J. Swartz

Dr. Constance Swenty

Dr. Jennifer Titzer

Dr. Patricia Trethewey

Dr. Colleen Walsh

Mrs. Amber Wheeler

Dr. Angela Wooton

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy »

Dr. Janet Kilbane

Dr. Ricahrd Hobbs

Dr. Thomas Litney

Mrs. Jessica Mason

Mrs. Jessica Wood

Master of Science in Sport Management »

Dr. Glenna Bower

Dr. Austin Anderson

Mr. Christopher Crawford

Dr. Peter Vanmullem

Mr. Stephen Newton

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