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To apply for a Graduate Assistantship, complete a Graduate Assistantship application and submit an updated resume.

Please contact the office listed below, if interested in their Graduate Assistantship position.

Tuition waiver and hourly rate is determined by the program or department.

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Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL)

Posted on 01/04/2019

Research/Instructional Support: This position supports the Director of CETL in planning, implementing and assessing of educational development programs and services for faculty. 

Primary duties include:

  • database management
  • data collection and analysis (quantitative or qualitative research)
  • data visualization
  • information gathering to support duties

Periodic duties will occasionally include administrative tasks such as clerical support as well as website updating. 

Applicant must currently be working towards a graduate degree at USI.

Skills|Knowledge|Abilities: Candidate preferred to have a bachelor's degree in social science, data science, communications marketing, or STEM. Knowledge and experience in qualitative or quantitative research methods or data analysis is preferred. Applicant must be motivated, independent and responsible individual. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office and demonstrate strong oral and written communication and analytical skills.

Appointment Start Date: Spring 2019

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