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2019 Health Informatics Tri-State Summit (HITS)

Wednesday, October 23, 2019
USI Carter Hall

The sixth annual Health Informatics Tri-State Summit will be proudly held on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 on the campus of the University of Southern Indiana.  The day-long gathering will bring together some of the brightest and most impactful Health Informatics and Information Management professionals from across the United States, sharing their experiences and future projections in USI's Carter Hall.

Headlining the 2019 event is a couple that HITS is familiar with: Ross and Kym Martin.  The duo have both served as keynote speakers at the Health Informatics Tri-State Summit in the past.  Kym kicked things off in 2016 by speaking on the importance that empathy and patient experience play in optimizing patient engagement, outcomes and value.  Her 2016 keynote presentation was titled "The Patient Trifecta: Empathy, Experience and Value."

Kym hails from the greater Washington, D.C. area and received her bachelor of science in Business Administration degree from Bryant University while obtaining her master of Business Administration degree form the University of Connecticut.  Martin is also a cancer survivor who is passionate about enhancing the patient experience in healthcare, and is a certified holistic nutrition consultant and fitness trainer - a busy lady!  We were very thankful to have Kym as 2016's keynote speaker and can't wait to have her back on the campus of USI!

Just as impressive, Ross was our 2017 closing speaker and provided his own fair share of memories!  Martin, a renowned international speaker and songwriter, presented “Adventures in Health Information Exchange: The Musical!” and closed the day out with a fun and interactive final session back in 2017.  The “World’s Leading Medical Informatimusicologist” debuted the music video for his song “DigituRN” and shared his thoughts on some pressing healthcare issues.  Additionally, he opened the period with a powerful speech which got the attention of many, and brought tears to the eyes of some.  You can check out Ross' website for The American College of Medical Informatimusicology by clicking the link here.

Ross is the program director for Research and Transformation at CRISP, the regional health information exchange serving Maryland, the District of Columbia, West Virginia and the surrounding region.  He has served in numerous health information technology standards development and advocacy organizations in addition to participating in the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).  As an accomplished vocalist, musician and writer, Dr. Martin is also president and founder of The American College of Medical Informatimusicology.

Decisions on abstract submissions will be made by mid-June and registration for the 2019 HITS conference will open towards the end of June.


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