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Katie EhlmanWelcome from Dr. Katie Ehlman

Dr. Katie Ehlman discusses the theme of this issue, self-care, and discusses new concepts we should add to our self-care regimen.

Hayley FowlerWelcome from the Editor

In this letter, editor Haley Fowler discusses the importance of self-care, particularly during the holiday season.

Minka iconMINKA Learning Lab

Professor Silvia Rode discusses the differences in intentional communities in Europe and the United States based upon her visits and studies on both continents.

DFA logoDementia Friendly Communities

Linda Wright, Community Transition Supervisor at SWIRCA & More, discusses the history of Dementia Friendly Rockport and the community's future plans and activities.

usi logoGerontology at USI

Morgan Branning, administrator at Bethel Manor, describes her experiences as one of the first students to complete USI's Administrator-In-Training certification program.

Evidence-Based Programs

One of USI's evidence-based programs, Matter of Balance classes provide training and strategies to prevent falls.

Smart Home Technology

USI GWEP student worker, Nick Faddis, discusses the trifecta of smart home technology - Joi, Josh and Alexa - used in the MINKA house.

Community Voice

Ms. Aleta Burnett describes her experiences volunteering at Generations as a teacher of Matter of Balance classes.

Partner Spotlight

The Alzheimer's Association partners with USI's GWEP to provide programs and services to those living with dementia in counties located in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

USI Student Voice

Olivia Rodenbeg discusses her visit to the MINKA house and how her visit has impacted her studies.

GWEP Student Voice

GWEP Student Worker Macie Martin details her choice to work at USI's GWEP, what she has learned while working at the GWEP, and how she will use those skills in her future career.

Upcoming Events

If you want to learn more about the GWEP while having some fun, please check out our upcoming events!